Saturday, 6 July 2013

End of my Third semester

Alhamdulillah, finals are over, and yes SOGA was the hardest from all of the paper. Insyallah Allah will give the best for his subjects. I've done all I can, praying everything will turn out okay.So yesterday night I went and have some freshment for myself with the beautiful girls. We watched White House Down, Channing Tatum was the hero of the night, seriously it is a must see movie. What's wrong with a guy with 6packs right? He was awesome in action. To much love <3. So guys and girls go and watch the movie. Tomorrow I'll be back in Jitra. Oh how I much I miss Jitra. Gonna miss all of my classmates; ama nazri, shalihah, farah zulkapli, yuyi, fatin, rejab, sarah. everyone, especially NUR & AHMAD. haha, my housemates. I hope everyone have a really great holiday. I'm sorry if I've done any wrongs to you guys. okay, me loving you guys. xoxoxo

Today, I had my own private time with someone I call "Treasure", haha. Who? guess! okay, I spent the whole day pampering myself eating good food in Bangsar Baru. It's food porn time. A few places that I went which are; Taman Rama-rama Kuala Lumpur, Taman Burung and Taman Orkid. These places are near Masjid Negara. For the Taman Burung, the fees is RM25 per person, there you can find around 3000 types of birds. (advise: bring your own food and water. Mineral water will cost you around RM4.50) No I ain't gonna buy that. ahhaa. Next for the Taman Rama-rama Rm10 per person. The place is so beautiful, eventhough it is a man made forest but still I can feel the vibes of the original Nature. Yeah! I just love the nature. Nak kena jadi Orang utan la kalau syok dalam hutan. haha. And the best part is there's a lot of knowledge you will get there. There's even "Rama-rama diawet" so cool. Meanwhile, the Taman Orkid, it's kinda dull, there was not much to see, It was not the breeding phase for the Orkid. Next time may be. But the place was splendid. It's like a small garden, not my luck to see the beautiful Orkids and there's no fee to enter it. To you guys out there you can try going there.

As for the course for today are; Ummi kedai jual Nasi kampung (seksyen 7, sarapan pagi. Nasi ayam merah), Full house (Sunway pyramid, Lunch, Homemade bread pudding and Teriaki Chicken burger) Dip n Dip (Bangsar Baru, dessert, Brownies crepe)

It was my first time eating at Dip n Dip. Well this place is famous, all the artist come and eat here. The Brownies Crepe I ate was superb! J'adore Brownies Crepe. It is only RM28.90. Yummy.  Ehem..ehem. you know what; time makan dekat Dip n Dip rose makan sebelah meja Kaer (Af) haaa! Class you. dia hensem tapi kecil. Tak sempat nak tangkap gambar sebab dia ada dengan family dia, taknak kacau. Lagipun malu. hehe. And then, Dip n Dip ni bertentangan dengan kedai Fazura "House of Doll". Nasib baik tak jumpa Fazura kalau tak mati pengsan dah tengok dia lawa sangat. ahah.

PS/: Nanti nak shopping kat Bangsar :) There's a lot of shop lots there! me likey.

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