Friday, 24 February 2012

Dear readers out there. I've been facing a lot of things lately, so I decided to do something extreamlly out of proportion by deleting my old blog "" Well, these few months, things are just not turning out the way that I hope for. I've said before sometimes we try to do the best by giving the best to others but there's always a thing or "humans" who loves making the situation harder. Paralyzing the effort I'm trying to do and the new journey of my life. The fact is I have torn out the pages, the black memories. I guess, if you follow my blog and read every entry I posted you will know why. I'm not writing this to search for any attention (not the attention seeker type), but it's just me. What I feel I will express it by writing. I don't want to brag around saying I did the right choice, But I know I did. Thank you Allah, the mighty creator for giving me this opportunity to learn what life is. Life is something full of unexpected things. There's more to life than we ever ask for. "He knows what's the best for his subjects" so I'll take that as a learning process. 

So, here's the real introduction of this blog. I'm just a typical Malay girl that thinks, I can be a superwomen one day. Superwomen here is not describe as one of the Marvel hero's but, a strong women that has the ability to think rationally. She can be calm and cool when facing problems. A great daughter, Insyallah a great mother and a wife in the future. I'm a student in Bachelor of law in Uitm Shah Alam and just turned 20 this month. Name given is Nur Atiqah Binti Mohd Rosli, for short call me "Rose". Proudly talking, I am a kedahan, born in Alor Star. I'm very complex and sometimes hard to understand. Very determine to get what I want and I could be very cruel sometimes. Physically, I'm small, cute and adorable. Talkative and outspoken. To people out there, do follow my new blog. Before that, please note this "don't judge a book by it's cover" Don't judge me if you don't know me. I hate bullshitism people.

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