Saturday, 3 November 2012

Segmen: apa dalam handbag anda?

I'm going for a holiday with my family to combodia tomorrow, so things that must must and MUST i bring in my handbag are the 10 items up there :) I mean a girl must have what they must have right. So starting form the top list is my 1. Purse - cant go anywhere without may debit cards and money, so must have! 2. My Powder - tanpamu diriku tidak berharga. Tak kuar takda bedak muka. 3. Handphone -My most closest relationship  ever (my BB i call her "barbie") 4. Car Keys together with my house keys - must have, without it cant go anywhere. 5. Perfume - very important to smell good and fresh. 6. Blusher - To keep my cheek alive 7. Hand Sanitizer - Always keep your hands clean. 8. Power Contact lenses/ specs - Cant see without them 9. Lipstick - pinky like always and lastly 10. Hello Kitty ear Phones - music in my ears.

Without those things, hell no I'm going anywhere. and forgot, tisu is one more important thing a girl must have. Anyways, i'll update later about my trip. Have a nice day :)

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