Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Last week

Sorry for the late entry, This week was hectic. I had piles of work to do and to top it all the blogger is not working well. So last week, the law faculty forced us (it's compulsory for each UITM student to go to the program every semester) to undergo  the KI program again. The whole day from 9am until 4pm on Saturday. Imagine how it gets to the student. Hatred was lingering around us. How tiring is that, right? luckily my group got a criminal lawyer ,as our facilitator. I don't know whether to expose who she is or not, but she is one of the youngest successful criminal lawyer who works for Mr Karpal Singh. The most favourite thing that I like about her is she is so good looking and aggressive. She has that passion and the boldness that I want to become .Yeah, she learns from the best. There are not a lot of female criminal lawyers out there and I respect her for that. She loves talking especially about her experience handling criminal cases so we gain a lot of knowledge compared to other groups (in criminal aspect), they played games throughout the day. Sorry for that. haha.
After the tiring day, couple of my friends and I went enjoying our self and watch theatre. The tickets was free, because one of the actor was a big brother to someone close to me. The title was "TIGA MAULANA" at dataran Merdeka (pangung bandaraya, Jalan Raja, Kl), the story was similar to P.ramlee's story of TIGA ABDUL but a slightly with a different twist.  The show was amazing, actors and actress are all talented especially Abg Man. One of the lead actress was Najua P.ramlee and she sang gracefully just like saloma. There are a few more popular actors but I cant recall their names. I had a great time :)




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