Saturday, 5 May 2012

Give my heart a break

Pernah rasa tak, something is bothering your mind for a long time. I don't know why but, I'm facing that now. Maybe I want to go back to Jitra and just be with my family. I'm home sick or tired of situations lingering around my life now. Nak kata tak seronok duduk Shah Alam. Sumpah seronok, I've got friends yang gives me 100% support, I can do what ever I want, go where ever I want but the thing is something is just incomplete. And I don't know what. What does my heart want? Macam bermasalah sungguh la perempuan ni (mata tengok atas, tangan ke bahu), What the la kan. I'm not going to drown with the bullshit feelings. I'm an independent women, a superwomen, I can do everything by my own. And I'll be like that until the end. Anyways, today was a fun day. Girls day out. Yes, the day wasn't perfect but I know I'm tired so, it's considered as "fun". Next week, I'll be going to the War Crime Tribunal Program In Kuala Lumpur. Yang paling best the attire for the function is "Black and White" - warna law tu. haha. 

And satu lagi, time pegi Klang Bukit Tinggi. Rose and Nana nak makan Sizzling Mee, then ada seorang lelaki berkaca mata hitam beratur belakang rose. Fine, Nana terambil tray dia, then leh dia kata " amboi suka-suka hati je ambik" - Sumpah that is rude. Tak boleh ke cakap baik-baik. Mana lah nana tahu kan benda tu dia punya. I mean where is our manners as a Malaysian. The best part nana siap apologise to him. Malaysian people with bad attitude just suck. dah la bye. haha

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