Saturday, 14 April 2012

Express me II

So, I thought today would be much better than last night, but nooo. Certain things just makes me want to explode. I'm actually tired. Just about to take things easy, there's always "something", that "something". Aaah! I wont make any action. I choose to write. Expressing myself by writing will make me cooler. Kehidupan memang selalu macam ni. Rose sampai takut nak tahu apa yang akan berlaku masa depan nanti. Yeah, I think a lot. To much I guess. Running away, pushing away people is just the way to make sure I'm secure with myself. Seriously, fizikal dan mentally rose penat. Just want to cry my eyes out. Sumpah time mcm ni rindu rumah sangat sangat, my family yang ada kat kedah.  Macam nak drive ja balik kedah malam ni. 

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