Thursday, 18 July 2013

Doktor Cinta

Dua tiga menjak ni asyik dengar lelaki tipu sana tipu sini. Haish, mendidih ja telinga sebenarnya. Nak aje bomm kan. bulan puasa, tak payah la susah tipu tak dapat apa- apa pon. Bagitahu sahaja benda yang betul. Perempuan memang la complex, kalau dia cakap A tak tentu A tu yang dia nak dan sentimental. But women are wise enough, if you tell them the truth. They know what actions should they take after that. It's just, in a relationship (especially in a marriage), kejujuran itu sangat penting, it will hurt but you will get the respect of you spouse. Untuk Rose, i'll seek from a guy who is truthful to himself and to me. 

Situation A: Morally wrong

A married man wants to marry another women, (macam kes A.M, tak da kaitan pon) walaupun nak kawin lagi tak perlu keizinan seorang isteri. Secara morally, his first wife has the rights to know. Walau apa pon sebab kau nak kawin lain cakap straight to the first wife. Then the options to leave or to stay, is hers. Be a true man, by telling the truth, it means that you respect her as your wife. 

Quotation: “Sometimes, the only soul that can mend a broken heart is the one that broke  
                  it. For they are the ones holding all the pieces.” - Patti Roberts

Situation B: Guilt

A boyfriend who does not love/likes his girlfriend anymore and cheats with another girl. If you know me well, i'll just say, Guys you have balls, so tell your damn girlfriend you want to break it off. Yes, it is hard. You are afraid to tell her, thinking about her feelings, but when you cheat behind her back, would you make her feel better or make yourself feel secure. Atleast you tell her the truth, she will move on and you will be relieve from the guilt. You cheat behind her back, sampai mati on dia akan ingat perbuatan kau tu. Lagi dia cerita kat orang adalah. Walaupun mulut kata dah maafkan, tapi percayalah, sampai mati pon dia akan ingat. So it will only worsen the situation. Believe me.

Quotation: The best revenge you can give to girl who has stolen your man, is by letting her keeping him, because a "true man" cannot be stolen" - 9gag

Situation C: Treating the girl

A guy treating a girl like he cares and loves her, actually he is with another girl.That really sucks, and I've been in this situation before. Seriously, if you don't like her, tell her the truth. You don't go and buy her presents  or promise anything. Tell her " I'm sorry, but I only like you as a friend not more than that", yes it is harsh but it will clarify everything. And one day she will thank you for that, but if you keep on doing that, until one day she knows everything by her self, It's going to be such a bummer. You will regret.

Quotation: “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” ― George Washington

Jadi wanita-wanita diluar sana, you will be alright believe me, stay strong because time will heal you. Rose bukan la nak berat sebelah, but Women are made by god to be protected by man. This is just my opinion as a women. Treat your girls like they are princesses and adore them with love. Yang paling penting, berbalik kepada Allah. Dia akan berikan yang terbaik kepada semua hambanya :)

ps/: tak da kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau mati. Salam ramdhan.

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