Sunday, 23 September 2012

Charity walk to stop breast cancer at Putrajaya

Malaysian books of Records - The Makna walk, with the motto kiss good buy to Breast Cancer held the biggest Amal walk to show their support to stop breast cancer and Avon was the sponsor throughout the whole event. I was there to give out support too. With only walking 5km at presint 3 at Putrajaya it was tottaly worth it. 7 million came to the event and I was one of them. This is my first experience walking for charity and it's a blast, no wonder people love to do this every year. I'm one of the representative from GPNR Uitm Shah Alam. There's ton's of artist who actually join the event such as; Neelofa (my favourite), Scha, Linda Jasmine and Que, Intan lydiana, the senior artists, Dina, Dr fazley, Safee Sali and a few more. Can't remember. I'm quite impress with the event actually, so insyallah I want go again and do the walk again. Not only its to maintain our health, we can also give something and show support to stop breast cancer :) 

I was so excited 
See the kiss on my face
3262 my lucky number
Starting point
Dr Fazely
The journey begins
On the way we met Kak Dina
Scha was so sporting
Tottaly love Neelofa <3
I won the best entire :)

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