Saturday, 16 June 2012

Still standing

Finals are just around the corner, but i'm still blogging and I don't know why? (obviously tak sedar diri) This week was exhausting ! I had my torts test and had to finish my french video, never the less alhamdulillah everything turned out well. Credits to Putri Azureen Rais for the big help and today was our last class for Ksatria. (that's the best part from all the days). Straight after the class,  my aim was to have a big huge long long sleep, and I got that, so I woke up just now with a really good mood. Feeling happy and relaxed. I did get some bad marks for my bel test, but it's was expected. I didn't put effort for that paper and "ambik kau". There's a saying that says ; "apa yang kita usaha itu yang kita dapat" okay, I agree with that. I'm kinda disappointed with myself but i learn something, I can't underestimate bel subjects. I have to stop playing around and quit sleeping in my english classes. (sumpah critical thinking for degree susah) Arghh..however i'm determined to do much better in my last paper for bel, insyallah. No worries, I have a great tutor (lol). This is bel, belum law subjects for torts 1 there's like tans of cases that I have to study and to memorize. Seriously speaking law students love to sleep in class and one of that student is me. Harap ja duduk depan lecturer tapi tersengguk-sengguk. Seriously, tak paham kenapa kena mcm tu. It's embarrassing but I did that like in every single lecture, especially constitutional law. I'm damn sorry for that :(. This week i'm coming home, just for a short while. Oh, before i forget! I won a pair of tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia. haha :)

Favourite song now: I wont give up -jason mraz. (our special song ) thank you.

Still a superwomen like the old days :)

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