Saturday, 19 May 2012


our awesomeness is reasonably foreseeable (Papa Im, 2012)
Hey guys, so.. how are you? I'm just fine. Alhamdulillah, happy and putting on weight. (boyfriend jaga cukup bagus) haha. I've been listening to "payphone" by maroon5. Seriously, suka gila lagu tu. Yes, its at the top of my list. Then comes "birthday cake" by the hottest couple chris brown and rihanna. Okay, tersimpang jauh daripada the topic for today. Today's topic is about friendship. I don't know whether I'm a good friend or not, but i'm surely trying to be one. Like always, great friends hurt their friends by telling the truth. So, I will. I want my friends to do the same to me, equal and mutual feelings. Yes, really need that.

My first issue, there's always a reason why I don't even care to text or call. It's simple, "saya kecik hati". Well, I don't want to write much about that. Maybe I'm acting to emotional, but if you're in my condition you'll feel the same thing, isn't it? I'll ignore it and act arrogant like always.

So the second issue for today, "don't judge any of my friends, if you don't know them", its's crystal clear when a person talk bad things about another person it's because they are jealous. Simple as that! Takpayah nak buat cerita yang sudah pasti dan sahih tak betul tentang orang. nyah kau hebat sangat ke? boo 

Third issue, takpayah nak stalk orang sangat. The word "social" what does it mean to you? Nak kata apa sebenarnya ni? Give me a chance to live my life. Thank you.

Fourth issue, I love my boyfriend very much. Dato' Rimau. Auum :) Thank you sebab tiap hari belikan chocolate "dove". you're the best!

As, a conclusion. I'm happy to come home next week and play with the little rabbits and yeyan. Mak abah, your second daughter is coming home. Missing you guys so much. I've been on my best attitudes here.hehe :) Dah la bye lah korang. Dengar lagu "payphone" dari adam yang hensom lagi hotness haha.

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