Friday, 20 April 2012

Midsem Post

Hello, people of the earth. How are you doing? So, gladly speaking I'm on my Midsem break. Alhamdullillah, three of the law papers : Consti, Malaysian Legal System and Torts berjaya ditumpaskan. Harap-harap berjaya lah nanti. I'll be driving back to Jitra, tomorrow morning. It will be a long journey. Puff. Seronok nak balik Jitra, nak jalan ke Penang nanti. Suka nya saya. Hahaha. But another half of me is kinda sad to leave Shah Alam. (Seminggu ja pon), Love staying here actually, tolak a few "missing family problems" then everything is okay. So, pictures down here are the activities that I've been doing all this time. The week of tests! Makan Mcd malam-malam dengan housemates, mengila before test consti, everyday taking picture before class starts, and being with the best people in life :) Thank you friends and my beloved boyfriend (canny-canny) for the great memoeries. Having you guys in life just makes my life full of colours. 

PS/: twee8 korang pon sama hebatnya. hehe. Missing sai like crazy. See you this coming friday. Lets have a girl talk later on <3. Canny thanks for the chocolates and the bear. hehe 

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