Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Come Back

It's okay to try and live a modest life. A life full of new things and new people to explore with. To tell you the truth happiness is palling around my life now. Starting of something brand new. One month as a student in Bachelor Legal Studies  (BLS) is going great. Yes, I haven't updated my blog for a month, well I'm proud spilling it out "I'm busy with my social life" shopping here and there, going out with my pals, and living as a law student. But, never the less, my family is still my priority. I'll be a Judge one day, just like my father. Following his footsteps and making mum and dad proud with their second daughter. And even though the journey that i'm going to face is going to be like hell, it's okay. I'm strong enough to make it through because the people that I need (mum dad, siblings, girlfriends, canny-canny) is there to support me.(Sejak-sejak duduk Selangor puitis pulak ayatnya, nak kena penampar la tu.haha). 

          Sebenarnya tadi, tengah tekan-tekan kat google terjumpa something very interesting yang membuatkan hati ni rasa sangat bangga dan juga bersyukur. Alhamdulillah, Allah tarik rose ke jalan yg benar :) Actually, I've got nothing to loose in life. Nothing at all. Maintaining a life like now would be the first thing. Syukran. (cece cakap arab pulak). So, here's my life in Shah Alam as a law student. Okay esok nak p midvalley, sebab esok cuti pertabalan agong. Bf Nak beli kasut baru. Gf nak ikut p jalan release segala mak nenek tension sambil cuci mata. haha. I'll update later.

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